LGBT Protocol has started listing on LGBT Token PancakeSwap.

LGBT Token also locked PancakeSwap Liquidity until 2031 after listing.

You can follow the links below to purchase LGBT Tokens.

Slippage: 13%

Dear LGBT Protocol Community, As we have announced in our community before, we have made the pre-sale by making a Presale on the DxSale site.

However, our Team terminated the sale of DxSale after the DxSale site reported that our users using Trust Wallet had problems with their purchases on mobile devices.

Our users, who deposit funds in LGBT Token Presale through the DxSale site, can withdraw from the area they deposited funds again.

You can withdraw your funds via the DxSale sales link.

DxSale Link:

LGBT Protocol is completely transparent and shares the LGBT Token process with its users.

Therefore, LGBT Token Tokenomic graphics are as follows.

The LGBT Token is supported by the community, hence it has locked its Liquidity Tokens for 10 Years. LP Lock 2031

Prof Of LP Lock:

Total Supply: 1,000,000,000,000,000 LGBT Token

  • 400. LGBT Token Burn

Proof of Burn LGBT Token:

  • 300. PancakeSwap (LP Lock 2031)

Buy LGBT Token:

  • Cex Listing
  • Developed & Team
  • Promotion & Airdrop
  • Donations

Hold LGBT Token, Earn both BNB and LGBT.

Redistribution token with a tiered reward strategy. LGBT Token holders will receive double rewards with LGBT redistributions and a chance to receive weekly staggered Rewards (BNB).

Please be aware that LGBT Token staggered rewards include the concept of a Reward Wallet that…

In recent years, LGBT individuals and the community have become widely known, with an increasing segment of society and many governments more accepting and providing equal rights for LGBT individuals. The work of many organizations and individuals fighting for LGBT rights is one of the strongest forces behind this progress…

🚀 Welcome to 🏳️‍🌈 LGBT Protocol

LGBT Protocol is a Community Driven, fair launch DeFi Token. Crypto passive income method, LGBT Token Hold and Earn. LGBT Token, EARN 2% Cashback and 2% Burn Function as LGBT TOKENS every time you use it. …

LGBT Protocol

LGBT Protocol is a Community Focused, fair launch DeFi Token. Crypto passive income method, LGBT Hold and Earn.

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